$CHSHIBA means Chubbier wallets. We reward you MORE for holding.

Guard Dog

LP locked automatically on dxsale.

Transaction Tax

ChubbyShiba has transparent and familiar tokenomics. For each transaction, 8% is reflected to holders and 2% goes toward liquidity.

Rocket Fuel

2% of the total supply of $CHSHIBA tokens will be used for marketing expenses and ChubbyRescue charity donations.

Road Map

ChubbyShiba has CHUBBY plans for the future.



  • Japan Trip Giveaway
  • Shield X Solid Audit
  • Poocoin Ads
  • Submitted CG/CMC applications


  • Charity Giveaway
  • Paid Advertising
  • Marketing Partnership
  • Guides and Tutorials


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Team Expansion
  • Charity Giveaway

Full throttle

  • Pre-sale: World's 1st Crypto REDACTED ITEM :O
  • Community Created Merch (CCM) Contest
  • Charity Giveaway
  • Partnerships


  • Our CHUBBIEST Giveaway Ever
  • CGM Product Development
  • Fulfilment of Pre-Sale Orders (Min 100)
  • Meme Contest


  • ChubbyPets NFT Game
  • DeFi Staking/Farming
  • ChubbyWallet™
  • Special Charity Giveaways

*Minimum 100 pre-sale

Chubby FAQ

Why aren't you listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap?

We had already applied to be listed on both of these sites, but are submitting again along with our new rebrand. We will provide updates on these as soon as any new information is available.

Trust Wallet fetches the live price from websites like CMC and CoinGecko. If a token is not listed on these sites, then TW will not display a price.

$CHSHIBA can easily be bought on PancakeSwap. Please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Download Trust Wallet onto your mobile device
  • 2. Press Smart Chain BNB and then hit Buy
  • 3. Press on the DApps tab at the bottom and navigate to
  • 4. Hit Buy Now on the banner
  • 5. Press the settings icon at the top right and set slippage to 12-13%
  • 6. Enter the amount of $CHSHIBA you would like to purchase and hit Swap
  • 7. Confirm to receive your $CHSHIBA!

We've passed a rigorous Audit by Shield Network X Solid Group

Solid Group & Shield Network’s auditing process goes in-depth and covers a wide range of token code characteristics. The main things the audit checks for are vulnerabilities and imminent risks to the safety and security of the code. Solid Group does an extensive auditing process intending to help their customers increase their code quality while reducing the high level of risk presented by cryptographic tokens and blockchain technology.